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Advance Letter To Editor: Principle Over Party

November 2, 2011
Party Boys: Molinari & Grimm
Party Boys: Molinari & Grimm

Party Boys: Grimm learns from mentor Molinari how to get ahead in politics: "Pander to the party kid, you'll go places."

Tea Party “leader” Frank Santarpia continues to mislead his group. Rather than stand for principle over party; Santarpia carries water for his the GOP employer. He makes excuses and gives Rep. Grimm permission to violate conservative principles and then bashes other tea party activists who have the audacity to stay true to their tea party principles of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and of course transparency.

Grimm’s handler Molinari shows up at protests to tell tea partiers to fall in line and follow the GOP or risk losing the seat to a Dem. I have news for this new gaggle of “good old boys” If NY13 goes back to the Dems it is because THEY pandered instead of standing on principle.

“We will vote for Grimm anyway because he is better than a democrat” Santarpia is quoted as saying in this paper. Santarpia and Grimm will continue to make themselves irrelevant as they choose party politics.

If we continue to vote party over principle will we stay on this merry-go-round of corruption and partisan politics that only profits the politicians and the monopoly men on Wall st they serve. Your vote is never wasted when you vote for your principles.


Re: Yapping from the Sidelines A Response To Frank Santarpia

October 26, 2011

Recently Frank Santarpia lead organizer of the “Staten Island Tea Party” group sent our this message to his group. The email details a conflict between his group and another tea party group called Staten Island LiberTea which was started by the former staff of the Staten Island Tea Party.

Read coverage of the split here.

Here is my response to Mr. Santarpia’s email charges which can be read here.

Santarpia: Leader of SI Tea Party on GOP Payroll.

“As you may or may not be aware, some time ago a small group of individuals “resigned” their memberships in the Staten Island Tea Party”

I find this quite amusing that Frank describes it as a “small group.” He of course leaves out that the small group was the entire staff. Those who know Frank and Lorraine best and worked the closest with them. As opposed to those who just read the emails and attend a rally once every few months. A “small group” of Frank’s confidants resigned.

“basically for two reasons: first, I had taken a part-time job as a legislative assistant to Councilman James Oddo; second, because they believed that the decision to ask SITP members to “get in the game” by running for seats on the Republican County Committee was in some way selling out our tea party principles.”

Two straw men arguments. Was it because he took the job for Oddo? Did any of them have a problem with Frank trying to affect change from inside the system? No. Not at all, it was the fact that he didn’t turn over the reins to the watchdog organization to avoid a conflict of interest, or at least the APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest.

Had Frank turned over leadership to Lorraine, or to a committee of the leadership, I think they would have been proud that Frank would have influence over legislation, at least in theory.

New GOP Chair "wasn't" endorsed by Santarpia

The other was the county committee issue. The problem was not the tea party becoming members of the county committee; the problem was allowing a GOP insider and good old boy Bob Scamardella to use the tea party to become the next Chair. Now had the tea party been trained by a disinterested 3rd party to run for county committee I don’t think the staff would have been so offended.

Rep. Grimm "didn't" receive an endorsements either.


Was this really a surprise? Frank had already “not” endorsed Grimm, giving him top billing and attention through his whole campaign while continuing to pretend that the tea party doesn’t endorse candidates. Ask any rank and file member of the tea party and they will tell you: The tea party endorsed Grimm.

“Suffice it to say that none of their dire predictions of have come true – as I knew they would not. Nowhere on the horizon is the conflict of interest that they feared, nor have those engaged members of the Staten Island Tea Party in any way, shape or form “sold out” to the “Republican establishment.” 

The SITP hasn’t sold out to the GOP establishment? I have no doubt that rank and file members are still loyal to their principles, the leadership on the other hand tells our congressman that it’s ok to violate tea party principles, and his oath to the Constitution because “we will vote for him anyway” because he is better than a democrat.

“These resignees, to whom I will give the benefit of the doubt as to their motivations, have effectively taken themselves out of the game.”

If they aren’t involved in the SITP that means they are out of the game? How misleading to the SITP members reading that email.

God forbid anyone else represents tea party values in the media Frank and Lorraine demonize them as if they are the only two who get to be the public face of the tea party movement on Staten Island. Who appointed them King and Queen of the tea party movement?

While these other LiberTea party leaders may have differing opinions on who the President should be, the criticism of Frank is his lack of principles, or at least the unwillingness to stand by them uncompromisingly in public; not his choice for president.

“This small group apparently believe that Lorraine Scanni and I somehow have the powers of political pied-pipers, and are capable of leading you, the mindless, off a cliff and into political irrelevancy.” 

While I don’t think Frank can cast anyone but himself and the SITP brand name into irrelevancy, he does act as a gate keeper controlling the flow of information to the rank and file who don’t pay attention to politics on a daily basis.

Unfortunately people live daily lives, and most of them rely on information the tea party provides through the email list. The LiberTea group was not attacking the backbone of the tea party, they were merely pointing out the truth that the rank and file are extremely busy living their daily lives and a good portion of them rely on tea party communications to stay informed. Isn’t that the reason Frank sends out his emails? To “educate” his members?

Franks use of straw men and misdirection disgusts me. He can try to demonize LiberTea or my tea party group, but I have a feeling this was a desperate attempt to plug the flow of members from his group to theirs. People are starting to see through the SITP thinly veiled GOP establishment agenda.

Danny Panzella
Staten Island Tea Party Patriots

Rep. Grimm Says Ron Paul Bill Too Radical, 24 Hours Later Is A Co-Sponsor

October 26, 2011

Rep. Michael Grimm, NY13 Co-Sponsors Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” Bill

New York, NY, October 25, 2011: Just a few weeks after organizing a protest of Rep. Michael Grimm’s endorsement of neo-conservative Mitt Romney (New York Post) for President, Danny Panzella confronted Rep. Michael Grimm at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan.

Tea Partiers, many of whom had campaigned to elect Grimm in 2010, were upset with their Congressman for giving his presidential endorsement to Mitt Romney. Romney, who supported the TARP Bank Bailouts and laid the groundwork for Obamacare, is viewed by most Tea Partiers as out of step with the values of Tea Party America.

Rep. Grimm was at the Occupy Wall Street protests to appear on Geraldo At Large on the Fox News Network.
Off camera Mr. Panzella confronted Rep. Grimm on what he calls his “Constitutional mis-representation.”

“You boast you took the oath to the Constitution three times, yet you continually vote in violation of its principles.” said Panzella. “You claimed you were tea party, the tea party worked hard to get you elected, and now you have turned your back on them.”

“His vote to increase the debt ceiling which included the “super congress” piece of legislation is not only a Constitutional violation, it is an affront to representative democracy! I didn’t elect the super congress to represent me, Grimm has no right to hand over the elected power that NY13 bestowed on him to another official.” rails Panzella, a tea party leader on Staten Island.

“I never said I was tea party.” replied Grimm. “If you don’t like what I’m doing then run against me, or maybe you should fight me in a boxing match, for charity.” quipped Grimm.

Danny responded that he “just might” challenge Grimm to a primary, and “I fight with my intellect.”

This confrontation came just days after both Panzella and Grimm appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano on Fox News in a public relations war. Grimm accused Mr. Panzella of not being a true tea partier while insisting he himself is not a tea party representative.

“He came into the tea party saying ‘I’m with you guys’ ” Panzella told the Judge. “They worked hard to get him elected.”
Videos of then candidate Michael Grimm show speeches given to tea party groups where Michael says “The tea party is the purest expression of democracy I have seen in my lifetime… they inspire and motivate me.”

He also claims he “shares the tea parties values. So what exactly separates Michael Grimm from the tea party? His voting record.
He consistently votes against tea party principles, voting for increased spending measures as well as raising the debt ceiling, something he promised he would not do.

On Tuesday Oct 25th Rep. Grimm posted this to his Facebook page: I have just become a cosponsor of Rep. Ron Paul’s bill, H.R. 459, to audit the Federal Reserve.

This comes just 24 hours after the confrontation at Zuccotti Park where Grimm told Panzella when questioned that he WOULD NOT support Rep. Ron Paul’s H.R.459 to Audit the Fed because Ron Paul is “too radical” and the bills go “too far.”
Did Mr. Panzella and the constituents who have been calling for support for an audit of the Fed persuade Grimm in just 24 hours to change his mind 180 degrees?

Grimm did say during a campaign debate that he would support an audit, but quickly changed the subject to the NYC MTA.

A full audit of the Federal Reserve, the central bank that prints the US dollar, has been a huge policy demand for members of the Tea Party. After the success of a partial audit revealed that the central bank handed out $16 trillion to banks and corporations throughout the world, criticism of the Federal Reserve and its Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has even taken a prominent role in the ongoing Republican Presidential Debates.
The question remains, is this a sincere change of heart, or a tactic to win back some the disenchanted tea party voters?

“I am glad Grimm decided to support H.R.459, but if he thinks this will get him off the hook for his voting record so far he is mistaken. We will continue to hold his feet to the fire until we see a consistent Constitutional voting record.” said Danny Panzella.

Panzella has not confirmed his intention to run against Grimm, “I still plan to run for the 63rd district of the State Assembly, but I’ll consider it.”

Open Letters To Rep. Michael Grimm

August 4, 2011


Dear Representative Grimm,

 supercongressI am writing to express my dismay over your vote for the Debt Bill. We held a rally at your office tonight and many people showed up in the pouring rain to express these thoughts. Several of the names you would recognize as they worked on your campaign.

Rather than raising the debt limit, Congress should recognize the federal government has reached debt saturation and therefore stop incurring new debt!   Federal revenues for 2012 likely will amount to about $2.2 trillion, an amount roughly equal to the 2004 federal budget.  To balance the 2012 budget, Congress simply needs to adopt 2004 spending levels. All this bill does is cut spending that Congress had INTENDED to spend. It does not cut what we are currently spending. 

It is arguable that your constituents are split between raising the ceiling and not raising the ceiling. My opinion is that the debt ceiling vote was largely symbolic as the U.S has been monetizing our debt for some time which in effect is default.

No matter how you feel about the debt ceiling and whether it should be raised, all Americans should agree that the idea of a “super congress” is not only unconstitutional, but un-American. The idea that a tiny elite rule the majority is the anti-thesis of Republican Democracy.

How you can justify voting for debt bill WITH the super congress legislation attached while claiming to honor your oath to the Constitution is beyond me. Turning over the power of the purse to an elite committee that will not even have any opposing viewpoints represented leaves me speechless. The Weekly Standard reported that “Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be ineligible to serve on the so-called “super committee” .”

You have surrendered your Constitutional authority to represent the people of NY13 over to a group of 12 Congress people who NY13 DID NOT ELECT. This is a clear and direct violation of your oath.

We also want you to co-sponsor Ron Paul’s H.R.2768 to cancel the 1.6 Trillion dollar illegitimate debt to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve purchases Treasury debt by printing money out of thin air. This is a debt that the government owes itself and it is causing an inflationary increase in the money supply.

As your constituent I am telling you I want you to have the courage to stand up to the party leadership of both parties in both houses and introduce legislation that repeals the super congress portion of the debt bill (at least). If you do this we will support you and work for your re-election. If you do not we will work to ensure you are a one term Congressman. 

Go back to Congress and blame your constituents tell the party leadership that we are demanding that you repeal the “super congress”, and cancel the 1.6T debt or the GOP will risk losing district 13’s seat. Tell them that the super congress is tyranny. It is dictatorship by committee and the American people will not tolerate it.

Remember, you are our employee. Staten Island elected you (by a VERY narrow margin) to REPRESENT us in Congress, not to RULE over us. If and when your constituents ask you to do something outside of your Constitutional authority, then you should lead. It is then your job to make the people of NY13 understand the Constitution, and offer Constitutional alternatives to solve our challenges.

In Liberty,

Danny Panzella

Republicans, Democrats & Indies Unite To Protest “Super Congress”

August 3, 2011

Press Release

The Super Congress Legislation Creates a Wider Divide Between The American People and their Democratic Voice.

Staten Island NY, August 3, 2011: Staten Islanders from all political leanings are gathering in front of Congressman Michael Grimm’s office at 265 New Dorp Lane from 5pm to 7pm on Wed Aug. 3rd. Several tea party as well as other groups will be represented to let the Congressman know that his vote for the “super congress” is unacceptable.

The “super congress” is composed of members of both chambers and both parties and is granted extraordinary new powers. Under the plan introduced by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his counterpart Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) that was signed into law by President Obama yesterday, legislation to lift the debt ceiling has been accompanied by the creation of a 12-member panel made up of 12 lawmakers – six from each chamber and six from each party.

Legislation approved by the Super Congress will then be fast-tracked through both chambers. It will be immune from amendment and lawmakers would only be able to register an up or down vote, eliminating the ability to filibuster.

With the weight of both leaderships behind it, anything originated by the super congress would have a strong chance of moving through the little congress and quickly becoming law. A super congress would be less accountable, and would make it easier to strip the public of its democratic voice. Super congress legislation establishes a new level of unaccountable government, and has stripped elected representatives of the right to amend legislation or filibuster, which are powers given to Congress by the Constitution. The power of super congress will not be limited to the debt situation.

The Congress has shifted power from themselves into the hands of a “committee of thirteen” which will now originate revenue bills; the President is the deciding 13th member. This comes as no surprise; two weeks ago, Mitch McConnell suggested the House turn over the “power of the purse” to Obama under the guise of shifting political blame for the economy onto the White House.

Super Congress had the full bi-partisan support of the leadership of both houses. The legislation was introduced by Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, and supported by Speaker John Boehner. Rep. Michael Grimm of Staten Island & Brooklyn voted yes to this unprecedented transfer of power.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul said the super congress will  “ disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in the crucial areas of entitlement and tax reform.  It cedes power to draft legislation to a special commission, hand-picked by the House and Senate leadership. This provision is an excellent way to keep spending decisions out of the reach of members who are not on board with the leadership’s agenda.

“Why is it that every time the two parties compromise, “we the people” lose more of our liberty?” said Danny Panzella, the tea party activist who organized the rally.

He went on to say “no matter how you feel about the debt ceiling and whether it should be raised, all Americans should agree that the idea of a “super congress” is not only unconstitutional, but un-American. The idea that a tiny elite rule the majority is the anti-thesis of Republican Democracy.”

“This is not a left vs. right issue. This legislation affects all Americans and our rights regardless of our party affiliation or political leanings. They have taken away power from our elected representatives, and by ultimately from we the people.” said Tina Sabella Downer.

This super congress will not even have room for opposing viewpoints other than the establishment Republicans vs. the Democrats. In an even more disturbing twist, The Weekly Standard reported that “Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be ineligible to serve on the so-called “supercommittee” for deficit reduction that the legislation creates.” ( )

The groups are coming together to demand that Rep. Grimm introduce legislation repealing AT LEAST the super congress portion of the debt bill. “The debt ceiling vote was largely symbolic as the U.S has been monetizing our debt for some time which in effect is default. Will our Representative have the courage to stand against the leadership of both houses? With his constituents demanding that he do it, and committing to keep him in office as long as he obeys, the people will have their way. This is why we all need to be actively engaged in keeping our representatives accountable.” said Mr. Panzella.

Acclaimed Author: DHS Recruited Me To Write Terror Plots

January 12, 2011

Danny Panzella

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for terrorism ideas from unexpected sources like Hollywood producers, futurists, philosophers, software programmers, pop musicians and authors. In 2004, the Washington Post reported on Homeland Security’s Red Cell program: an “anti-terror” intelligence program that recruited “out of the box thinkers” to help them create potential terrorism scenarios.

“Sometimes I was paired with a psychologist or a philosopher. Sometimes I was contacted alone, via email, and given a target to attack.”, said best selling conspiracy author Brad Meltzer, who recently released The Inner Circle, a fact-tional novel about the secret spy ring known created by George Washington that still operates today.

The Washington Post reported that “Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell office employs a tactic that has been used for decades by U.S. intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and large corporations — gathering together people from outside their insular bureaucracies to arrive at fresh insights.”

The Pentagon has gathered hundreds of Red Teams to reexamine assumptions about foreign militaries and their weapon systems, at times recruiting the services of Web designers, historians and screenwriters.

Read the full article here.

Bloomberg Calls For "Fusion" Of Track & Trace Databases As Gun Control

January 11, 2011

Danny Panzella

Mayor Bloomberg flanked by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Rep. Peter King and Tatiana Timoshenko whose son NYPD Officer Russell Timoshenko was killed by gun violence gave a press conference in New York City in response to the Arizona shootings this weekend. The Mayor outlined his solutions for greater gun control that he says will avoid events like this in the future.

“This case is fundamentally about a mentally ill, drug abuser who had access to guns and shouldn’t have.” said the Mayor. Who went on to say that Loughner was kept out of the military because of his drug abuse.

Bloomberg offered his plan to stop gun violence advocating for stronger leadership for the ATF which has been leaderless for 5 years. He implored Congress to push through the confirmation of ATF special agent Andrew Traver who is set to become America’s chief firearms inspector. But Mr.. Traver, currently the Chicago ATF chief, nominated by President Obama faces a tough battle as gun-rights groups amass their forces in opposition.

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