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Job Growth NYS’s #1 Priority

June 23, 2010

 With the economy headed deeper into a depression contrary to what the main stream media would have us to believe we are in a crisis situation. Emergency steps must be taken to ensure that our local economy can recover. Emergency cuts need to be made in our spending, but also in taxation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics New York boasts an 8.3% unemployment rate (May 2010) Small business is the number one job creator. We need to create the environment where small businesses can expand and create new jobs. The government needs to stay out of the economic stimulus business and allow the free market to function without fascist interventionist policy smothering all but the politically connected private sector.

A repeal of the “Orwellian” MTA tax would be the first cut to be made. This not only burdens business owners with yet another levy, it also creates more paperwork, more record keeping and higher accounting expenses that come along with the required reporting rules. Some other ways we can help small business is to reduce red tape, regulations and laws that expand government control and cost jobs. Tax credits for employers for every new job they create would also benefit small business and get New Yorkers back to work.

Spending is a politician’s favorite vice. They spend to buy constituencies regardless of the budget constraints; I believe this is why the budget is never passed on time. The two party dictatorship constantly postures over where to spend the money. Many of these expenditures and projects are out of the scope of the authority of the state Constitution. This means the New York State Legislature has NO AUTHORITY to spend our money they way they do! One of my objectives will be to audit the legislatures spending and begin to cut the non essential expenditures, expensive regulations and laws that are forcing jobs out of New York State and straining our economy.

Danny Panzella
Candidate NYS 63rd Assembly

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