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Freedom of Education

June 25, 2010

ps44 Freedom of choice is one of the key principles that made the United States great. But with the education system we have very little choice. You can choose the socialist public school system that is based on top-down, command-and-control with bureaucratic committees of elites planning the education of we the people. Non-compliance is criminalized and funding is extorted through taxation. Even those who don’t have children are forced to fund the public education system. The other option is expensive private or religious schools reserved for the wealthy, connected or religious.

Charter schools are crucial in the fight to improve education. Charter schools are generally run much more efficiently than government schools saving the tax payers money and providing for more stable job environments for teachers. The demand for Charter schools is rising as the Public education system fails systemically not only to educate but to administrate.

The Charter school system provides freedom of choice for parents, better educations for children and a smaller tax burden for the community. Competition provides for quality of service and competitive pricing as opposed to government monopoly.

Danny Panzella
Candidate NYS 63rd Assembly

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