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We Need A Fiscally Responsible Albany.

July 6, 2010

010908_albany_web The New York State legislature needs to create budgets that reflect fiscally conservative policies that enable job growth in the private sector, not just the transfer of jobs between sectors, or temporary job creation like the Census that boosts the job numbers without seriously affecting the unemployment situation for New Yorkers. A plan should include cutting unnecessary programs and spending, while increasing tax breaks that empower small businesses to create long term employment growth.

Along with the balanced budget, the legislature needs to work to eliminate laws and regulations that put a strain on small business while allowing politically connected corporate titans to prosper by eliminating their competition.

In light of the legislatures consistent inability or unwillingness to pass a budget on time rules should be put in place to penalize our representatives when the budget is not completed on time. Vacations, recess, bringing non-essential resolutions to the floor should not be permitted until a budget is passed. We cannot allow New Yorkers to suffer while our representatives posture and play politics. We must remind Albany that we are real people, with lives, and families that are affected every day by the decisions they make.

Danny Panzella
Candidate NYS 63rd Assembly

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