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Dems deflect on MTA funding, how will they restore services?

July 7, 2010

Danny Panzella

RE: A pro-forma floor vote comes back to haunt some Staten Island pols – SI Advance Sunday, July 04, 2010

My father used to tell me “I’m not going to reward you for getting 100 on your report card, you supposed to get 100!” Ms. Savino doesn’t deserve any credit for admitting she wasn’t aware that the deficit reduction package she and the other Staten Island Democratic assembly persons voted in favor of that transferred $143 million earmarked for the MTA into the state’s general fund. She will get less sympathy from me for admitting she made a mistake by not reading the bill, or saying she would have voted against it if she knew what was in it. In my estimation these admissions are her admitting that she is unfit for her position and has not done the job the voters tasked her with doing. How many of the other Assembly people who voted for the plan also didn’t know what was in the bill because they didn’t read it?

I do agree with Savino and Titone that the $143 million would not have solved all of the MTA woes, but it certainly could have saved some of the services that were cut to Staten Island. Could these cuts have been retribution for the majority of Staten Islands representatives voting to deny the MTA  the funding? Titone and Cusick are certainly on point when they say the MTA acts irresponsibly, (Did i hear someone say 2nd Ave subway project?) but they should be giving us a justification for their vote, not changing the subject.

I would like to hear from all of the Democrats why they voted to deny the MTA funding, and what they plan to do to restore Staten Islands lost services.

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