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Reform the MTA

July 14, 2010

mtabus The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is hundreds of millions of dollars in the red, they are cutting services, and Staten Island is being hit the hardest. The MTA is cutting the little services Staten Islanders enjoy, even though they foot a disproportionate amount of the bill. Meanwhile some MTA leadership is enjoying pay in excess of $200,000 a year. If I was CEO of a corporation, being paid $350k and running at losses in the millions I would be replaced. By cutting leadership pay we can reduce the budget deficits and get us closer to restoring much needed services to Staten Island without hurting MTA workers.
The MTA is spending 4 billion dollars on the Second Avenue subway lines because that is Sheldon Silvers district. Meanwhile those subway riders can easily use the 4,5,6 line a few blocks away. So Staten Islanders are stranded with limited public transportation options so “Upper East siders” don’t have to walk a few blocks.

Danny Panzella
Candidate NYS 63rd Assembly

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