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Establishment condescends Indie Candidates at VFW

October 18, 2010

Friday night the Richmond County American Legion Political Forum allowed candidates to address our honored veterans who fought to protect our right and ability to self govern. I personally learned a lot listening to all of the candidates. I heard  “angry revolutionaries” talk about the Constitution, the very precepts and ideals all veterans, law enforcement and government representatives take an oath to defend. They spoke about how important it is to carry on that defense not only on the battlefield but in Albany and DC. I also heard the establishment incumbents from both sides of the aisle admonish the next generation of candidates not to be too idealistic. They say pragmatism is how “stuff gets done” in Albany. (The only thing I see “getting done” are tax increases and service cuts.) Their critique of the new candidates was a transparent move by the incumbent delegation to circle the wagons. Staten Island if you are pleased with Albany, by all means vote for the incumbents. If you are ready for new blood, candidates who love, respect and will meaningfully swear their oath to the Constitution then vote for the “revolutionary” candidates on Nov 2nd.

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