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Support Liberty, Win an iPAD

November 15, 2010

I want to first of all take a moment to thank everyone who supported my campaign for NY State Assembly.  As an independent tea party candidate I accomplished something that very few have been able to accomplish. With less than $3000 and no major party backing I was able to secure almost 10% of the vote. In the process I knocked on close to 15,000 doors and spoke to thousands of people to spread the message of Liberty.

What’s next? I am not slowing down. After taking a few days off (my feet were exhausted from walking the district twice in the last few months) I am back fighting for Liberty & the Constitution full steam. I have 2 exciting projects that I am working on. The first I am going to keep secret a little while longer as I iron out the details with my team. The second is a new streaming internet TV show called Truth Squad!

Ever notice how the mainstream media never asks the hard questions? Isn’t it the job of the press to hold the government accountable by keeping the electorate informed about what is going on? My vision for the show Truth Squad is to be the press that this country so desperately needs.

The Truth Squad team will be working day and night to follow local Staten Island and New York City politics, we will keep you informed of the important topics that the main stream media ignores and yet are vital to liberty!

We need your help to get started, so to raise funds we are raffling  an new APPLE 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G.  Inscribed on the back of the iPad is the timeless quote by Thomas Jefferson,

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Or another quote if you prefer. Contest Rules:

  • Purchase as many raffle tickets as you desire. You will be emailed your raffle ticket numbers, keep these emails as your receipts.
  • The drawing for the APPLE 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G will be on New Years Day 1/1/2011, the winner will be notified by email, telephone and US Postal service.
  • At the time of drawing the winner will advise Don’t Tread On SI as to their preferred shipping method of the prize.
  • You MAY substitute the prize for it’s cash equivalent.
  • All proceeds will be used to fund the start up of Don’t Tread On SI, a new media project that includes a web portal & blog, A streaming internet TV political talk show to be developed into a cable news show, & a monthly political newspaper.
  • Visit for details about the Apple iPad.

Purchase 1 Chance for $10.

or 3 Chances for $20.

Please support our Liberty projects, just a few dollars donated helps us to continue to spread the message of Liberty and protect the Constitution.

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