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Open Letters To Rep. Michael Grimm

August 4, 2011


Dear Representative Grimm,

 supercongressI am writing to express my dismay over your vote for the Debt Bill. We held a rally at your office tonight and many people showed up in the pouring rain to express these thoughts. Several of the names you would recognize as they worked on your campaign.

Rather than raising the debt limit, Congress should recognize the federal government has reached debt saturation and therefore stop incurring new debt!   Federal revenues for 2012 likely will amount to about $2.2 trillion, an amount roughly equal to the 2004 federal budget.  To balance the 2012 budget, Congress simply needs to adopt 2004 spending levels. All this bill does is cut spending that Congress had INTENDED to spend. It does not cut what we are currently spending. 

It is arguable that your constituents are split between raising the ceiling and not raising the ceiling. My opinion is that the debt ceiling vote was largely symbolic as the U.S has been monetizing our debt for some time which in effect is default.

No matter how you feel about the debt ceiling and whether it should be raised, all Americans should agree that the idea of a “super congress” is not only unconstitutional, but un-American. The idea that a tiny elite rule the majority is the anti-thesis of Republican Democracy.

How you can justify voting for debt bill WITH the super congress legislation attached while claiming to honor your oath to the Constitution is beyond me. Turning over the power of the purse to an elite committee that will not even have any opposing viewpoints represented leaves me speechless. The Weekly Standard reported that “Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be ineligible to serve on the so-called “super committee” .”

You have surrendered your Constitutional authority to represent the people of NY13 over to a group of 12 Congress people who NY13 DID NOT ELECT. This is a clear and direct violation of your oath.

We also want you to co-sponsor Ron Paul’s H.R.2768 to cancel the 1.6 Trillion dollar illegitimate debt to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve purchases Treasury debt by printing money out of thin air. This is a debt that the government owes itself and it is causing an inflationary increase in the money supply.

As your constituent I am telling you I want you to have the courage to stand up to the party leadership of both parties in both houses and introduce legislation that repeals the super congress portion of the debt bill (at least). If you do this we will support you and work for your re-election. If you do not we will work to ensure you are a one term Congressman. 

Go back to Congress and blame your constituents tell the party leadership that we are demanding that you repeal the “super congress”, and cancel the 1.6T debt or the GOP will risk losing district 13’s seat. Tell them that the super congress is tyranny. It is dictatorship by committee and the American people will not tolerate it.

Remember, you are our employee. Staten Island elected you (by a VERY narrow margin) to REPRESENT us in Congress, not to RULE over us. If and when your constituents ask you to do something outside of your Constitutional authority, then you should lead. It is then your job to make the people of NY13 understand the Constitution, and offer Constitutional alternatives to solve our challenges.

In Liberty,

Danny Panzella

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