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Advance Letter To Editor: Principle Over Party

November 2, 2011
Party Boys: Molinari & Grimm
Party Boys: Molinari & Grimm

Party Boys: Grimm learns from mentor Molinari how to get ahead in politics: "Pander to the party kid, you'll go places."

Tea Party “leader” Frank Santarpia continues to mislead his group. Rather than stand for principle over party; Santarpia carries water for his the GOP employer. He makes excuses and gives Rep. Grimm permission to violate conservative principles and then bashes other tea party activists who have the audacity to stay true to their tea party principles of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and of course transparency.

Grimm’s handler Molinari shows up at protests to tell tea partiers to fall in line and follow the GOP or risk losing the seat to a Dem. I have news for this new gaggle of “good old boys” If NY13 goes back to the Dems it is because THEY pandered instead of standing on principle.

“We will vote for Grimm anyway because he is better than a democrat” Santarpia is quoted as saying in this paper. Santarpia and Grimm will continue to make themselves irrelevant as they choose party politics.

If we continue to vote party over principle will we stay on this merry-go-round of corruption and partisan politics that only profits the politicians and the monopoly men on Wall st they serve. Your vote is never wasted when you vote for your principles.

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