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Candidate; NYS 63rd Assembly

A lifelong resident of the 63rd Assembly District, “Creativity is the Key” was the slogan of my real estate investment and brokerage firm. Through my business successes and failures over the years, I know first-hand the importance of creativity to solve seemingly impossible challenges.

Early in my entrepreneurial career, I was the proprietor of a religious bookstore on New Dorp Lane. After completing my Cinema Studies program at the College of Staten Island, I worked for a boutique advertising firm on Staten Island serving customers like the Hilton Garden Inn, The Nicotra Group, Doody’s Hardware and The Cabinet Factory. A few years later, some friends and I built a “dot com” business selling original artwork that is an international success to this day. In 2002 I began studying and pursuing real estate investing. I acquired my real estate sales license, won the 2003 “Rookie of the Year” award, and eventually acquired my real estate broker’s license. In 2005 I started an investment and brokerage firm, Creative Concepts Realty and completed 7 successful renovation projects in two years. In 2007, as the real estate market started to suffer from the economic crisis, I focused on home improvement renovations rather than real estate sales. In 2008 I expanded my real estate practice into Brooklyn which fared better against adverse market conditions. I managed a real estate brokerage and management office in downtown Brooklyn where I serviced large investment clients like Taurus of New York during their renovation of the historic Standish Hotel on the Brooklyn Promenade. In the fall of 2008, the worldwide economic crisis came to a head and the bailout madness began.

“We need to suspend free-market capitalism to save free-market capitalism”. That statement shocked me. Over the next few months I delved deep into research about the economy, the derivatives market, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank. What I learned was even more disturbing. During this time the Tea Party movement was growing and gaining momentum. I immediately sprung into action, attending every Tea Party rally I could find. An activist was born. I was invited to begin assisting in organizing a chapter of the Staten Island Tea Party before starting my own chapter. I began to educate my friends, family and associates about the state of the economy and the political direction of the country.

It’s been almost two years since the Tea Party exploded on the national scene, and it is time to step out from the political sidelines. All over the country, Tea Party candidates who stand for fiscal conservative values are taking back seats in all levels of State and Federal government. I can no longer stand in the crowd with a sign and a bullhorn. I have made the decision to run for NY State Assembly so I can give Staten Islanders a voice in Albany.
I am a constitutionalist who believes in personal responsibility and sovereignty, free markets, states’ rights and small government. I believe strongly in the natural rights of humanity. God has given us the rights as human beings to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe the government does not have the right to decide what that means. The founding fathers never meant for 51% to oppress the rights of 49%. The United States was created as a Republic that would protect the rights of every person.

The state and federal governments have centralized way too much power to themselves in turn limiting the free market to function in the free-est and fairest fashion. I want to break up government sponsored monopolies to allow for competition. I believe in limiting the state and federal governments to the authority granted to them by the Constitution, and will fight hard to do so. That includes strengthening of States rights to defend against the tyranny of the centralized Federal government.
As State Assemblyman I will work to drastically cut the level of spending. We need to close the deficit gap and reduce our debt. We need to become savers again to repair the economy, we cannot continue down a road of debt spending and expect to come out of the depression.

My family has a long history of community service on Staten Island. My grandfather Louis Panzella was the President of the National Union of Postal Clerks. My grandmother Polly Panzella has been called the mother of the Developmentally Disabled Rights Movement for her instrumental role in bringing an end to the abuse of the developmentally disabled and closing the horrific Willowbrook State School in 1987, as well as her advocacy in groups such as OMRDD. My mother Eileen worked for the late William Murphy as Staten Island District Attorney, as well as being a pro life; pro Christian issues activist and mentor. She was an integral part of the Christian community on Staten Island until her passing in 2008 when she succumbed to her 15 year battle with breast cancer. My father Allan Panzella is an entrepreneur who has owned many Staten Island businesses over the years, and currently runs a call center that focuses on political polling. Finally my high school sweetheart and wife Jo Ann Esposito-Panzella has been a constant source of support, strength and wisdom through my personal and business successes and failures for the past 16 years.

My family has taught me to understand that all people are valuable; we are all God’s children who deserve equal respect, love and freedom. I believe that personal ethics and responsibility is paramount to ones character and those values are to be strived for. I want to take those beliefs to Albany to protect and serve Staten Islanders.

Danny Panzella
Candidate for the NYS 63rd Assembly District

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