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Bloomberg Calls For "Fusion" Of Track & Trace Databases As Gun Control

January 11, 2011

Danny Panzella

Mayor Bloomberg flanked by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Rep. Peter King and Tatiana Timoshenko whose son NYPD Officer Russell Timoshenko was killed by gun violence gave a press conference in New York City in response to the Arizona shootings this weekend. The Mayor outlined his solutions for greater gun control that he says will avoid events like this in the future.

“This case is fundamentally about a mentally ill, drug abuser who had access to guns and shouldn’t have.” said the Mayor. Who went on to say that Loughner was kept out of the military because of his drug abuse.

Bloomberg offered his plan to stop gun violence advocating for stronger leadership for the ATF which has been leaderless for 5 years. He implored Congress to push through the confirmation of ATF special agent Andrew Traver who is set to become America’s chief firearms inspector. But Mr.. Traver, currently the Chicago ATF chief, nominated by President Obama faces a tough battle as gun-rights groups amass their forces in opposition.

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